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Simplex Model Number Checker

This page will determine whether a Simplex Fire Alarm Signal is a synchronized signal, free-run, or addressable.
This will test rectangular horn/strobes, horns, and strobes, and all TrueAlert series signals.
This will not test the older retrofit plates such as the 4903-9101 and 4903-9501. They are all free-run anyway.
WARNING:Do not connect Simplex fire alarm signals to panels that output full wave rectified power, as this will damage the signal since they are not designed for use with full wave rectified power! Example: almost all Fire-Lite panels.

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Model Number: -
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Free-Run: Strobe flashes at 60 Hz as soon as power is applied.
Sync Strobe: Does nothing while powered; flashes once as soon as power is cut. Horn runs continuously.
Selectable: Has a switch to choose between Free-Run and Sync Strobe.
SmartSync: Does nothing when powered until it receives a coded signal from a sync module or compatible FACP.
Addressable: Does nothing when powered until it receives serial data from a compatible Simplex panel.