Intelligent Panels

These panels are the most popular panels in modern day, because they are so useful. In some jurisdictions, the AHJ is requiring intelligent panels in all new buildings because they can get so much information, and in most cases reduce false alarms.

Intelligent panels are very cool for several reasons. One of those reasons is the ability to read chamber values of smoke detectors, which allows certain detectors sensitivity to be set higher or lower depending on the environment it's installed. For smoke detectors as well, they can determine the difference between being dirty and smoke, which conventional smoke detectors cannot do. The ability to determine the difference between smoke and being dirty reduces false alarms, which is great especially for larger buildings.

Another key feature is the more detailed ability to use Contact ID when monitoring the system. This allows the monitoring center and fire department to know exactly what device activated, and where it is in the building. This technology isn't too new, but intelligent panels take it a large step further.

Besides smoke detectors, what else can these things do? Well, the possibilities really are endless. Because everything is digital now, fire protection is digital in the same way. It is possible to program a fire system to do just about anything the AHJ or end user may want it to do. Furthermore, these intelligent systems can be connected to a computer to monitor more detailed data, and see floor plans of the building in accordance with locations of every device, making locating a device very easy. Having fire protection in the 21st century can literally save lives, which is so crucial to fire protection.

Before you get too excited, it's important to note that these systems require modules and certain detectors, which allow the digital communication between devices. For more details on that, visit this page.

Notifier NFS2-640 Intelligent Fire System